MAM Gruppe is a recruitment agency exclusively focused on Germany. We work in a unique way to find you thoroughly researched and qualified candidates for the German market within two weeks.

When you entrust us to recruit for Germany, you don’t need to choose from speed, quality, agility and delivery, because we deliver on every count.

Four Pillars of MAM Recruitment


The more vacancies you have, the more recruiters we assign. If you have multiple positions to fill, then we’ll ensure an entire team collaborates on delivery. This and our extensive database are what makes us so fast.

Our recruiters carefully filter the candidates in our database before supplying our clients with only top professionals to fill their vacancies. In doing so, we aim to supply no less than the top 20% of the market.

You’ll get just one point of contact, with a named account manager, for smooth delivery.

The combination of expertise from each of our dedicated recruiters makes us highly agile.

An outstanding recruitment record among DAX 30 companies.

From global market leaders to start-ups.

A complete staffing service for IT security.

Corporate lawyers, internal investigations, internal audit and data protection.

Who are we?

We’re a London-based top-tier recruitment agency recruiting solely for the German market. We’ve been active since 2009, quietly building behind-the-scenes relationships with only the best passive candidates.

Today, many of Germany’s multinational corporations, trust us to find them everyone from C-level to senior consultants.

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What’s new at MAM Gruppe?

Information Technology

Victors of the global villain: how Germany got it right with COVID-19 vs the USA.

Information Technology

COVID-19: just another one of those ‘employment barriers’?

Who we work with

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